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Backing up your data 

It is important to regularly backup your data.  Things do go wrong.  Sometimes they can be fixed.  Other times all you can do is recover the last backup.  If that backup was done a long time ago you have a lot of historic data to reentre.  

Run a full system backup at least once a week.  Keep a record of when each backup was run.  System backup should be made to media like flash drives, CDs, or another network drive or directory.
  • If things go wrong recover the last system backup,   

    If you have not run a backup for some time, and changes have been made to client, suppliers, accounts definitions,recurring transactions and other control records, you may need to recreate those changes after the transactions have been recovered.

    How do you know if this is the case?

    1.  For clients - check the client payments form.  If any errors show such as "Cannot find this client code" recreate that client.  Make sure you use exactly the same codes.

    2.  For suppliers - check the cheque/payments form.  If any supplier codes have "Miscellaneous supplier" beside them when they should have a supplier's name recreate those supplier records.

    3.  If you get "Cannot find this account" in transaction entry forms recreate those ledger accounts.

    4.  Check the recurring transactions form in the Bank maintenance group.  If any recurring transactions are missing recreate them.

    5.  Check the Company and Department setups, and bank accounts.