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Frequently asked questions FAQ

I want to register for on-going support and updates.  How do I do that?
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat installed go to the last page of the manual, print it off, then fill it in and send it to Professional Systems. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed contact Professional Systems (09) 432 8904 and we'll send you a copy of the support agreement.
  • If you have just purchased Professionals Retail Business, and have registered, you are automatically covered for support and updates for one year from the date of registration.

    How do I deal with end of year processing?

    How do I set up Professionals Retail Business?

    How do I change my accounting basis (for G.S.T.)?

    How do I create a backup of the data?

    I can't delete a stock item.  This is only possible if the stock item has never been included in one of the following - an invoice, a POS sale, a stock order.

    How do I record a payment against a supplier charge?

    How do I bill clients?

    How do I deal with supplier credit notes?

    What do I do when a client pays more than the invoice, and by direct credit?

    Do cheques always need to be for a specific supplier?  Briefly, no, see Cheques/Payments

    Can Retail Business deal with purely cash transactions (that is those that don't do into the bank)?  Yes.  See Cash Transactions.

    How do I calculate G.S.T.?

    What are those funny buttons on the right of a lot of the fields?

    How do I set up sales/discounts?

    Can Retail Business deal with automatic payments (to suppliers and from customers)?  Yes, easily see Recurring Transactions

    Things seem to be slowing down when I run reports.  What might the trouble be? 
  • Not really a problem, but the database may be getting quite large.  If you have a lot of transactions every year, and have been running Retail Business for several years, the main transactions tables may be quite large by now.  You may want to save unnecessary year's data to an archive and clear those years.  In addition you can free up space by running the index rebuild/optimise database space tool.

    The software takes a long time to start up.  What could be causing that?
  • If you are running Retail Business over a network it is possible there are road blocks if the network is a 10 megabit one.  If it is 100 megabits, or more, things should start quicker.  Retail Business has been designed to run quite quickly over a network once the active form has loaded.  But the result is that the actual load could take a little time on slower networks or where there is a lot of network traffic..

    My accountant wants to know what supplier invoices have been charged in the previous financial year, but not paid until the current year.  How do I deal with that?
  • Enter supplier invoices into Supplier Charges as they come in. Then pay them using Cheques/Payments.  You need to have the required suppliers set up in Supplier Maintenance.  To provide the accountant with the information they require you need to print off a report of all unpaid supplier charges that exist on the last day of the previous financial year.  You can print a detail or summary report, depending on what level of detail your accountant wants.

    How do I record paying part of a credit card bill? 

    I can't seem to load the logos.

    A few things could be wrong here:
    1. The files are the wrong type.  They must be bit map files. They end with the extension .bmp.  If you have a logo that is either a gif or jpg file open it in Paint then select File -> Save as and save as type bmp.
    2. The files have the wrong name.  The sales receipt must be called logoss.bmp and the invoice/quotes/statements file logo.bmp.
    3. The logo files are in the wrong place.  They must be in the folder C:\PSL\Database\images

    A word of warning.  The Windows Explorer has a setting that hides the extensions.  This means, if you name a file logoss.bmp, and the extension is hidden, you could actually have named it logoss.bmp.bmp. To make the extensions visible start Explore (right click Start -> Explore) select Tools, then Folder Options.  Go to the View Tab and scroll down to the check box Hide extensions for known file types. Uncheck the box then click Ok.

    My pole display keeps losing communication with the PC.

    This is a Windows port problem.  Most pole displays are serial.  If you connect it to the serial port on the back of the PC it is possible that Windows will not recognise it. This is because while COM1 is visible as a port it may not be allocated to the actual serial port.  Get a USB to serial converter and  install it.  Then follow these instructions.

    I've configured the stock line buttons, and activated them, but they don't appear on the POS screen.

    Either the screen resolution is not correct or the screen is to small.  Go to  Control Panel -> Display (settings) and change the resolution to 1048 by 768.  If the display can't be changed to that resolution you need to get a new video card.  If the resolution has been changed and the buttons still aren't visible then the screen is to small.  You need to get a 17 inch screen.  Don't get one of those "wide screens", get a square one.
  • The terminal failed while processing a transaction. How do I find out whether it has been accepted by Paymark?