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Paying part of a credit card bill

1.  Create a new detail bank transaction.

2. Click the Misc button to create details.

3. Create the miscellaneous cash transactions that show on the bill - even if you don't intend to pay them all.  If you intend to pay any interest then show that as a separate journal entry (using a journal account that is not subject to G.S.T.).

4. Decide how much of the bill you are going to pay.  Select each journal transaction until you have reached the intended total (you may not equal it).

5.  Exit from the journal entry form.  

6.  The journal entries you did not select can be paid later.  If you are paying an entry that is left over from a previous credit card bill then enter that as a single journal entry if it is only for one thing, or as many transactions as have still not been part - in whole or part.

7.  For the sake of simplicity it is best to pay the total amount for lines on the credit card. This makes it simpler to track G.S.T. and your total debt. If you don't then split the line into two journal entries - the amount you are paying, and the amount unpaid.