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Customer Accounts

This page provides an overview of the displayed customer's transactions. Including invoices, payments and orders. You may create new invoices and record payments (if they are not included in the till takings).

The following shows a customer who has fully paid for one invoice, and nothing for the others.  They have no open orders and no cash sales.

To obtain a more complete overview of the client's situation click the Operations button.

To generate a one-off invoice (not using Front Counter) click the Invoices button.

To check, and record (if not using the cash sales page) client payments click the Payments button. Recording a payment here (with a payment method other than Cash or Cheque) means no record is kept of the payment in sales.  Add those payments to the deposit(s) for the day once the end of day process has been completed. Use Bank Transactions to do so.  Generally such payments should be by direct credit so there is a separate bank transaction for each payment.

You can set up a standard loyalty discount, and card(s), for the displayed client by clicking Loyalty Card.  The following form appears:

Also activate this form by clicking Sales when maintaining customer records.

Enter the percentage of any discount to be applied.  Once this has been set every time the client is selected on the POS you are prompted to apply the discount.  If the item has a special price, or the client has a discount for the group that item is in, the standard discount does not apply.

You may maintain client lay bys by clicking the Lay bys button.  Open a client record before doing a lay by entry.  That can be done in the Lay bys form.

Warranties, rentals or other time dependent arrangements may be recorded by clicking the Registration button.  To find existing warranties click the Warranties button.