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Sales Discounts

Only cashiers with high level access rights can approve customer discounts.  If the cashier does not have the required access level, as soon as they enter the discount field an authorisation form is activated.  Someone with the required access level needs to enter their user id and password. If the customer is a regular with a defined discount you don't need to obtain authorisation.  So long as you don't enter the Discount field.

To enter a discount amount click the On Auto button to change to Manual mode.

If the customer is a regular click the Client button and select their code in the Selected client panel.  If they have a customer discount set up you are prompted to apply that discount.  If you click Yes the discount rate applies to all sales items until you Process the sale.

The POS form appears as follows when a regular customer, with discounts, has been selected.  Regular customer discounts can be applied in both Full Service and Quick Sales POS.

To allocate a discount to a regular customer go to the Client maintenance form.  Click Sales.  The following form appears:

In this case a loyalty card has been set up.  To allocate a loyalty card to your customers first create the loyalty card rules.

Enter the discount percent. Click Save,  or Cancel to exit without saving.  From now on you will be prompted to apply the discount when entering sales for that customer by clicking Client on the POS form.  Discounts for regular customers are optional.

To create group discounts for the customer click Discounts. The following form activates:

The above example shows the customer has discounts for two groups.  One at 10 percent, the other at 5 percent.  To allocate group discounts set up the inventory with stock lines and groups.