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Other tenders

If the customer wishes to pay using another method than cash or EFTPOS - credit note/refund, invoice, coupon, off line EFTPOS - website - click the Other tenders button. The following form activates:

The example above is for a regular customer and, as a result, "Generate invoice/credit coupon" and "Redeem credit coupon" buttons are active.

If the sale is not for a regular customer the form appears as follows:

If the tendering method is a combination of coupons and EFTPOS the tendering form appears as follows:

Enter the coupon value first.  The EFTPOS value is calculated as you do so.  The Cash/Coupon option operates in a similar manner.  With the exception that the cash value is rounded.

If tendering coupons only the form appears as follows:

The above example assumes that you provide cash change when the value of the coupons exceeds the value of the sale.