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Tendering sales

Payment tendering can be carried out by clicking one of the four green buttons below the docket list: 

The amount buttons on the tendering form ADDs the value on the button to the amount in the active field.  That is $1.00 plus $2.00 results in $3.00.

If EFTPOS is clicked the following form activates:


You may not complete the sale unless the Total tendered exceeds, or equals, the Balance due.  If you allow cash out then enter the cash out amount into the relevant field.

If tendering cash, and change is required, the "change" popup displays to show the amount of change.  If you are using EFTPOS, Credit card, or  the Cash/EFTPOS combination the total tendered must equal the total due.

If a customer has been selected on the POS form and you wish to generate an invoice click the Other tenders button .  This allows you to create an invoice, and print it out.

Depending on the tendering method(s) press the relevant button.

The following form activates:


The above example is for a single tendering method.  If you select two tendering (Cash/EFTPOS) methods the form appears as follows:

The above example is for a combination of cash and EFTPOS.  Changes to the Cash field (using the buttons or typing direct) result in the EFTPOS field showing the balance amount owing.  There is no need to enter that field.

If the customer is paying by more than one payment method, and one of them is cash, you have the option of calculating the non-cash component first.  This helps if the customer doesn't know how much they can pay in cash and you need to be able to tell them the balance to pay in cash as you enter the total for EFTPOS.  To do that click the "Enter here" button.

The tendering form appears as follows:

To activate the non-cash field click the "Enter here" button.  From then on all alterations in the non-cash field result in the cash field displaying the balance due.

For coupons it is possible to give change if the value of the payment exceeds the amount due.

If you select Cash the total is rounded.  That means you only need to change the amount to be paid if the customer requires change. In that case press the Clear button and use the number buttons to enter the amount they are tendering.