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Stock management in Front Counter

A full range of stock management activities can be carried out in Full Service Front Counter.  Most of them can be run from the Stock inquiries tab.  Cashiers need to have the correct access level to be able to activate them.

Stock orders can be carried out from Front Counter. You can create a stock order for a client (it displays on the Client Operations form).

To operate on supplier orders go to the Supplier Stock Orders tab.  It displays existing orders for the selected supplier and the details for each highlighted order.

To complete an order click the Orders button. 

You may run the stock replenishment process from this page. Click the Replenish button.  You need to turn replenishment on for stock items to run the process.  Turn replenishment on, or off, in Stock Management.

On supplier orders, if items have a supplier stock code, that code replaces stock code and barcode.

Any open orders for the supplier are listed.  If you click the Replenish button new lines are added to the selected open order for items that are due for replenishment.  To create a new order Review the orders and close them.  If none are listed clicking Replenish results in the creation of a new order.  Once the process has been run the new order displays and may then be reviewed.

You may review the order and change ordered quantities or delete any lines that were created.  To include your customer number on the order add the supplier and customer code to the stock control record.

When a stock order is generated the stock inquiry page, and the inventory maintenance form, display the number of items on order.  To keep this total accurate use stock orders to record order fulfillment.  When you update the number provided the number on order is decreased by the number provided.