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Holding, and releasing, sales receipts

Holding a sales receipt allows you to put aside a sale while the customer gets another item.  And still serve other customers in the queue.

To hold a sale click the Hold Docket button, after you have entered at least one sales item.  The sale is immediately removed from the sales list.

To release a held sale click the Release Docket button.  A selection form activates. It may be a good idea to read off a couple of the detail lines to confirm you have the correct receipt if there is more than one. Select the receipt to release.  Once you have done so you may add, change, or remove items.

Held items can be released in any cashier lane.  This means a customer can switch lanes and their receipt, created by another cashier, can be released by the cashier of the lane they are now in.

At the end of the day there should be no held receipts. If there are you need to release and then void them.