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Lay bys

Use this form to record laybys for clients.  To enter a layby first create a customer record.  See customer maintenance.  Click the Customers button to do this. Or, if opening the lay bys form from the Customer Accounts tab, the New button.

Once the client has been created make sure their code and full name display in the Active Customer panel.  You may now create, change, or delete laybys. If you intend to complete the sale of the lay by items click the Lay by button on the POS sales tab.  And then click the Select button.

Note the form displays all laybys for the active client, and the details of the currently selected lay by. Lay bys can have multiple items.  You can release individual items and enter partial payments.  Final release can only occur when the client has paid the total balance due.

To print a lay by form click the Print button.

To create a new lay by first select the correct customer, then click Lay by.  The following form appears:

Create the layby by clicking New lay by at the top right.  

Instructions are optional.  If the client has multiple lay bys it helps to enter something to identify the lay by.

The Lay by date defaults to today's date and the pick up date to today plus 30 days.

The amount paid, and due, are calculated as you enter payments and items for the lay by.

To maintain lay by items click Add item, or Edit item, at the bottom of the form.

The following form opens:

The item must be in the inventory. To create a lay by with multiple items select them individually.  You may enter as many items as required.  

To delete a lay by item click the Delete button at the bottom, or the the delete button at the right to delete the entire layby

Releasing and paying for laybys:

You can make installment payments for lay bys.  To do so click Lay bys on the POS page.

Select the correct customer and lay by (if they have more than one).

Click the Select button in the main lay by form. The total paid, to date, is included in the lay by display. 

The Select form always defaults to the balance owing. If the amount to pay, and the amount being paid, don't equal the total value of the lay by it cannot be released.  Until the lay by is released the inventory level is not adjusted. When the lay by has been fully paid for all items included in it are added to the sales docket.  Only the lay by payment has a sales amount.  The items are printed with "Lay by item" added to their description on the receipt.

The lay by payment is given a code LAYBY in Front Counter.  Multiple partial payments can be made.  If the total layby has been paid for the layby can be released and the inventory updated.

You may remove the lay by record when the final payment is made.  If the customer pays for the lay by in increments the Release lay by and update inventory box is inactive:

Note the payment amount amount is 1000.00 and the Release lay by and update inventory box is not checked.  When this box is checked the inventory is drawn down. Leave it as the default unless you have a very good reason not to. At the same time the lay by is cleared.

Click Save and you are returned to the POS.  The lay by items are displayed with 0.00 in the amounts fields - this is because they have already been paid for by separate lay by payments.  It is the lay by payments that are recorded.  The items are included on the receipt as confirmation of the items on the lay by and as a checklist.