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Actions to take

Items may be sold subject to a warranty provision that includes ongoing support if things go wrong.  To record these click the Customer actions button on the Client Accounts page of Front Counter.  If the customer has no client record create it.  Click the Clients button.  

You can use actions for anything that is time critical.  This includes, for example, rentals where you need to know when something has to be returned or an action is to be carried out. For example timetabled servicing.  Or reminders of things you need to do.

Actions can also be used to record actions you wish to take in the future in relation to regular customers.  For example sales promotions, renewals, dues, programmed maintenance, and service offers.

This form can be used to find out if a customer has any actions set up.

Once the client record has been created you can create invoices. However actions can be set up without invoices. It helps if you have a unique identifier for an action - serial number or something like that. This helps to find things later.

Create the action.  If the action is for a sold item enter the serial number (Main id), as well as the item code.  Other wise enter a description and the required dates.  You can include up to three identifying codes.

The  start date defaults to the current date. Then enter the date and time the action is to be triggered.  Doing this allows the action to drop off the list on the due date and time. The default time is 12.30pm. The finish date is to be used as the reminder date.

If a payment is due at any time then enter the amount into the Payment field.

Once the action has been set up you may search for the action by id code or action description.

To manage actions click the Customer actions button on the Client accounts tab page.  Or Actions center on the POS functions

How to contact registered customers by using their registration record