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Actions - list and reminders

This list shows you all actions due between the set dates.  Activate it by clicking Actions center on the POS function form, or the Actions control button on the Client Accounts page of Front Counter.

If no further actions are likely delete the action. Alternatively you can close it.  That makes it easier to reactivate if you wish to later on

You may email the customer a range of notices/reminders.

To do so highlight the relevant action and click Email.  The email form displays.  If you have previously emailed anything from this list the contents of the last message shows. If you replace it the new one shows until you replace it.

If the customer does not have an email address click Client while the correct client code is highlighted.  The client's maintenance form displays for that client.  Add the email address.  Once you have done that, every time you activate the email form the client's email address will show in the To: field.

Alternatively you can enter their email address into the To: field.  That address is then saved to the customer record when the email is sent.