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Refunds and credit notes

You can enter credits and refunds as part of a normal sale. To do so click the Ref/Cr button either before entering the code, or before Accepting the "sale" if in manual mode.

Click "Refund/Credit F9" to specify it is a return. The POS goes to manual mode. Scan the item, then Accept F4.

The above example shows Front Counter in the process of handling a return.  Notice the word "Refund" in red immediately below Due.

If the "sale" has a minus balance and you wish to process the "sale" as a credit note (rather than cash refund) then select Other tenders and select - Credit note.

The following form displays:

The tendering form then appears as follows.  You may only accept or cancel the tendering process.  All other buttons are disabled.

The credit note is printed automatically.  Make sure you give it to the customer.  They need to bring it back when they wish to redeem it.

If you wish to arrange cash or EFTPOS refunds then select the relevant tendering button as for normal sales. 

If Cash the receipt displays a minus amount and "Cash refund".  If EFTPOS then "EFTPOS refund".  In those cases select the "Tender EFTPOS" and "Tender Cash" options on the POS form.

When the customer returns and wishes to redeem the credit note proceed with sales as normal. To complete the sale click Other tender, then Credit Redemption (not Coupon).  A list of existing credit notes is shown. Select the correct  one - validate it against the customer's receipt.  By date and receipt number.

Then process the payment as usual.