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This menu provides two options:

1. Clear out sales records no longer needed.  Running it periodically clears up space on the disk and, in a multi-user environment, increases transaction response times.
2. To keep an extended history of client sales, copy them to a history library. The library is available from the sales reports menu.  If you have a large number of transactions daily it may be a good idea to run this option at least once a week.

Once the records have been cleared you cannot recover them unless you have a recent back up archive.

Warning - do not run either option unless everyone is off the system.  If you have not run the copy transactions option for a long time the process could take a while.  Up to 15 minutes for 15 megabytes.

The sales report menu includes a button to activate the library-based reports.  These reports will be as complete as the date you last updated the library.

The library reports menu is as follows:


Library reports are restricted to stock-related activity/sales only.  Non-sales data is not copied into the library - for example actions, orders, invoices, etc.