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Invoicing a sale

Retail sales may be invoiced.  To do so follow the sequence below:

1.  Enter the sales items as usual.  Before clicking Other tender click Reg Cust F11 to select the client the invoice is for. The client must be a credit customer or you will be warned.  You can still go ahead.

The POS should look something like the following:

2.  The Select Customer list is activated. Select the customer.  Make sure the client is not a cash client.  If the client is Cash only you may still generate a sales invoice for them.  But you will be warned.

3. Once you have the correct client displayed click Other tender.

4. Click the Generate invoice/credit coupon button.  This button is only active if you have selected a customer in the POS.

5.  A dialog box opens.  Enter the required details about the new invoice.  
  • If the invoice is for a tourist with G.S.T. exemption check Tax exempt.
  • Enter the date payment is due.  The default is 30 days from the current date.
  • Enter any purchase order.
  • Change the description if you wish.
  • If you have a standard set of sales conditions, have set them up using invoice notes option, and want to include them on the invoice click Include notes.
  • Click Generate invoice to create the invoice.  When you do you can preview, or print, the invoice.  You are then returned to the POS.  If you want to generate an order form then click Generate invoice and order.

    Do not click the Credit coupon or Free coupon (prize) buttons.  These buttons, if clicked results in the creation of a credit coupon or a coupon.  Credit coupons cannot be deleted from invoice management even though they are visible there.  For more details

    6. You are switched to a dialog box that allows you to select the correct printer to print the invoice.  The default active printer will be the receipt printer.  You can use the receipt printer to produce an invoice, or select the printer to print an A4 sheet. In that case switch to the A4 printer, click Assign F2 and Use A4 printer

    You can preview the invoice or print it directly.  Once you exit from the dialog Front Counter reverts back to the receipt printer if that is your default printer.  Or has been set as the receipt printer in POS Settings. 

    7. If it looks ok print it.  If it needs to be changed go to the Client accounts page and modify from there.

    The above example is formatted for the receipt printer.

    A4 Invoices generated this way include a payment slip.  If you click Include notes the invoice doesn't include the payment slip.  If you have any terms and conditions of sale, or wish to advise your customer of your bank account number for direct credits, click that button.

    An invoiced sale is dealt with like any other POS sale.  The inventory is drawn down when each item is added to the docket list.