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Installing Front Counter cashier lanes

Front Counter can be installed on PCs that have access to the Retail Business data through a network.  By default Front Counter is installed as part of Retail Business.  However you can install cashier lanes once Retail Business has been installed.  Providing you purchased the Front Counter workstation module.

To install Front Counter workstation follow the instructions below:

1.  Install Retail Business Base System on the PC you want to use as the server.

2.  Make sure the database (by default C:\PSL\Database) can be shared.  To share the folder go to Explore (right click the Start button), select the folder C:\PSL and right click it.  Select Sharing and Security and click the Share tab and then check the Share this folder box if it is not already checked.  Then click Ok.

On Vista and Windows 7/8 PCs you will need to specify that the folder can be shared by everyone.

3. On the PC Front Counter is to be installed on start (right click Start) Explorer and select Tools | Map Network drive. 

4. Find the drive of the PC Retail Business was originally installed on by clicking the Browse button.  If you cannot find it it is possible the connection to the PC was dropped.  The PC Retail Business is may need to be shut down and restarted if the drive cannot be reconnected by double clicking it.

Once the shared folder displays in the Folder field, check Reconnect on Logon, click Finish.  The Retail Business database is now connected to the Front Counter PC.

5. Place the Retail Business installation CD in the PC and go to the Front Counter folder.  Double click install.  This will install the Front Counter application.  Do not change the default setting.

6. In the same folder is a file Wkstn.exe.  Run this program and select the network drive you defined in step 4.

From now on, so long as both PCs are running, Front Counter can access the Retail Business data it needs to run.