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Quick quotes/estimates

Start this form from the Client Operations form.  Create a client record before producing a quote/estimate.  If you want to produce one-off quotes and don't wish to create a specific client record set up a "dummy" client for such quotes.  Call the "client" something like "Special quotes".  If you do that you cannot invoice the quote as it will not link to the correct client.

This section refers to quotes.  Quotes can be printed as estimates.  Quotes restrict you to charging no more than the quote amount.  Estimates provide you with more leeway.

The form is very similar to the invoice form and behaves in exactly the same way.  If Project Management is installed you may build quotes using either quick quotes or PM's Quotes/Estimates - which may also be started from the Client Operations form.  Using the PM quote facility is useful for complex quotes and where you are pretty sure the client will accept it.

When you click "Add" a new quote number is created.  It begins with "QUO-".  Should you invoice the quote that number, minus "QUO-", is the number of the new invoice.

If you have an order number from the client enter it in "Order number:"  Generally you can fill this field in after the client has accepted the quote, and immediately before you clone the quote to an invoice.

Enter a date in the "Valid to" field.  When the quote is printed this date displays as part of the sentence "This quote is valid until:"  If you want to give the client lots of time to decide make this date a long time in the future.

The Date field always defaults to the current date.

Enter a description of the quote.  For example the reason for the quote as in the example below.  This prints on the quote form.

When finished click Save.

Once you have saved the quote header the details buttons become active.

To add a new line to the quote click Add in the Maintain Details group.  The following form opens:

The Charge field is the only compulsory field on this form.  Obviously it is a good idea to include something in the description field.  

If you enter a unit rate you must enter No. of units.

If the line is for a stock item leave the description field blank until the item code has been selected.

If you intend to provide a discount enter a percentage in the Discount (%) field.

Click Save to save the line.

To print a quote click the Quote button at the bottom of the form.  If the quote is to be sent as an estimate check the Estimate box.  To include notes (these are the same as the invoice notes) check the Include notes on quote box.  If you have preprinted letterhead check the Leave letterhead clear box.

Quotes may be cloned to invoices