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Invoicing a quote

You may clone quotes to an invoice when the client accepts it.  There are two caveats:

1. If you clone to a billed invoice you cannot change the value of the invoice.  If, as a result of negotiation, you have changed the quote, make the changes before creating the invoice.

2. If the invoice is not billed when it is created you may make as many changes to it as you like.

The clone quotes form is as follows:

Note:  The invoice is cloned with the same number as the quote - minus the "QUO-".  So the above example will clone an invoice with the number 201100071.

Billing date defaults to the current date.

Date payment due defaults to 30 days after the billing date.  You can change that date if you like.

Description defaults to the description of the quote.  It may need to be changed.

Click Clone.  You will be informed when cloning has finished.  The form will then close.

Once a quote has been cloned it cannot be cloned again.  If you attempt to you will be warned.