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Journal adjustments

To enter a new set of adjustments make sure the correct journal appears in the Active journal account panel.  If there are any current (unposted) journal entries they appear in the grid at the bottom.  The first journal entry  displays in the Active journal entry panel.

The current period (as per the journal control) is displayed in the Current period is panel.

If the selected journal has posted entries they appear in the Posted Entries grid on the right,

To create a new adjustment, click the New button.  The form appears as follows:

The first entry defaults to a credit entry.  If you have previously created default ledger accounts for the selected journal the credit account displays.  You can change it to another ledger account if required.

The description defaults to "Journal adjustment" plus the description of the ledger account. This is the description that appears in the transaction reports.

Enter the correct date, and the amount.

When you click Save the form appears something like the following:

Because this is for only one side of the adjustment the entry does not balance.  The Active journal account panel displays a balance of 250.00 and the Post button is disabled.

When the matching entry is created the form appears as follows:

The Post button is now enabled and the phrase "Account is in balance" appears in the Active journal account panel.

The adjustment can now be posted.  

Note - posted adjustments can only be "removed" by further adjustments. Also known as a closing balance entry.  Generally they are entered at the beginning of the next period/year.