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Replenishing stock

Professionals stock handling enables you to automatically select stock for replenishment.  

Inventory items you want to auto replenish must be allocated to a specific supplier.  If the supplier field in the inventory maintenance form is blank the item will not be included in any order.

1. If you want to set up low stock level warning you can do so for each item you think it is required for. In the inventory maintenance form, click the Restock items tab.  And enter the values required.  To enable auto replenishing check the Auto replenish on box.

In the above example the item will be highlighted as soon as the stock level reaches 5.  Any order entries will be for 15 items by default.

2. Alternatively you can set up replenishment rules that can be applied to all items that have been linked to a certain supplier.  In that case select the Replenish Stock button, then the "Replenishment rules" button.  And select the supplier.  All their items will appear in the list below their name.  Enabling this allow you to generate supplier orders when you need to.  All the items the level selected applies to are added to the order automatically.

2. Enter the value that will trigger a stock order creation - Minimum stock level.

3. Enter the value that will appear, by default, as the number of items being ordered.

4.  Click Save.

You can turn auto replenish off by unchecking the box.

Once you have set up the auto replenish parameters you can generate orders for items when the level reaches, or is less than, the defined minimum stock level.

The auto replenish process can be run from the Stock Orders page of Front Counter or from the stock menu -> Replenish stock.  As follows:

Click Replenish and the following form opens:

Any open orders for the supplier are listed.  If you click the Replenish button new lines are added to the selected open order for items that are due for replenishment.  To create a new order Review the orders and close them.  If none are listed clicking Replenish results in the creation of a new order.  Once the process has been run the new order displays and may then be reviewed.

Warning - until the stock level of auto replenish items is above the auto replenish level clicking Replenish keeps adding those items to the selected order as separate lines.

You may review the order and change ordered quantities or delete any lines that were created.  To make sure the order is complete add the supplier, and your customer code, to the stock control record.  That is, if you're gong to email the order to the supplier.

When a stock order is generated the stock inquiry page, and the inventory maintenance form, display the number of items on order.  To keep this total accurate use stock orders to record order fulfillment.  When you update the number provided the number on order is decreased by the number provided.

If you don't use auto replenish, or link items to suppliers you can still track what needs to be reordered.  By setting the Minimum stock level the Stock Management form displays any items that have dropped to that level, or lower, in red.  As follows:

In Front Counter, if you use the item buttons, the buttons of such items are ringed in red.  On the stock selection list they are red as well.  

You can print a list of all all such items by clicking the "Reorder items" button.  The list can be printed as receipt or A4 width.