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Stock orders, invoices, quotes and statements may be emailed.  Those forms all have an email button on them.  Click the button and the following form displays

The file to email is in the attachments list.  You can add more attachments if you wish.

You must enter your email password.  This is the same password you use when logging on to your email account.

To send email using this form you must have set up the required connection using the installation disc provided by your internet service provider (ISP).  This means you can only send using one email address.  If you attempt to send using a different address you will get an error message - '11001 host not found".

Some people have free Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.  You need to set up the internet connection to them as your default connection to use these accounts from the email form.  Find out how to connect using these accounts by doing a search on the Web.  Search for (assuming you are using Outlook) "Outlook connecting to Gmail"  or whatever service the free account is with.  Warning - this will replace your previous default connection.

If you have entered your email address (user name) into the email/website field of company control it appears in the From field.  Other wise enter it.

If you have entered the client's or supplier's email address into their record that appears in the To field.  Other wise enter it. 

You can send carbon copies (CC) and blind carbon copies (BCC) if you wish.

This form has been tested using Windows XPPro with the firewall enabled and AVG, Avast and MicroSoft Security Essential antivirus enabled.  Professional Systems cannot guarantee it will work under all conditions.  If it does not (the usual error will be a 11001 socket error - meaning a connection could not be established) use your normal email program to send the attachments.
  • To email using this form your Internet connection must be active.
  • The files being sent are temporary files.  The next time you generate an attachment to send it will overwrite the last one.  If you wish to retain a copy use Explore to rename it.  The files are placed in the C:\PSL folder.  If it is an invoice it is "invoice.pdf", if a statement "statement.pdf", and if an order "order.pdf".

    If you always send attachments with the same message contents check the Retain message box.  A separate message can be saved for invoices, orders and quotes.

    Warning - Internet service provider's spam filters often change the name of any attachments.  You send invoice.pdf.  The customer gets ATT10000.dat, or something similar.  You need to warn them to save the attachment with its proper name.  Otherwise the Adobe reader will not recognise it.