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Client Orders 

Client orders enable you to create orders for items from multiple suppliers.  Client orders may be activated from Stock Management or the Customer Accounts tab of Front Counter.

You can review existing client orders on the Client Accounts tab of Front Counter.  To manage existing orders double-click the record on the grid.

To create a new order click the Orders button on the Client Accounts tab, or Client Orders on Stock Management.  The following form displays:

  • To create new order click Add.
  • The order number is created automatically.
  • Select an existing client.  If there is no record for the client click the button to the right of the Client Code field, and then New on the list form.
  • Once the client has been selected the Address field displays their postal address.  This is to lessen the chance of wrong clients when dealing with common surnames.
  • Enter a description of the order.  This field displays on order lists and reports and helps to identify the order.
  • Enter the date of the order.  This defaults to the current date.
  • Enter the Planned Delivery date.  This date allows you to identify which orders are overdue and provides a reminder.
  • The two boxes Closed and Placed are  not checked.
  • Click Save.  The details section now becomes visible.

    To create order details:
  • Click the Add button beside the details panel.

  • Enter an existing stock item code in the Stock Code field.  This can be either the bar code or stock code (if different).
  • The description of the item displays in the Description field.
  • The retail price of the item displays in the Price per unit field.
  • Enter the number ordered.  The total field is updated as the price per unit field is changed.
  • Click the Save button beside the Details panel.  When you do so the Value of the order is updated. When adding details the items ordered field of the stock item is updated.
  • When the items are delivered enter them into the No. provided field.  When you save the number provided is added to the number of the selected item in stock, and the number ordered is decreased.

    Notes : 

    1.  If a stock item does not have a supplier you cannot include that item in a consolidated supplier order when running Order Processing.
    2.  When order processing has been run, and all the items of a client order included in the relevant supplier orders, the client's order status is switched to Placed.
    3.  When an inventory item has items on order you cannot change the number on order from within the stock form.  Make the changes by recording the number provided in the client order(s).
    4.  To email the order to a client the client record must include their email address.  First create a preview of the order, select a print queue that converts the print job into an Adobe Acrobat file. Then, on the order form, click email and attach the order file to the email.

    You can print the order to the receipt printer or an A4 printer.