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Order processing 

Use this process to create consolidated supplier stock orders from unplaced client orders.  A consolidated stock order includes all items in client orders that have not, as yet, been placed.  Those items need to be linked to the relevant supplier by the Supplier code in Stock Management having the correct code in it.

Each item is added to a matching item as the process runs.  This means, if three clients have ordered a single item, the consolidated order includes a single entry for the item with 3 items ordered.

During processing the supplier stock code replaces the item code (or barcode) if the item has one.

Once the consolidated order has been created you can edit in the same way as any other order.

Start the process from Stock Management or the Stock tab of the POS.

The following form displays:

In the above a supplier has been selected for which there are open, unplaced, client order items.  The Run button is active.  If a selected supplier has no ordered items to consolidate the Run button is inactive.

Click the Run button to start the process.  When it is complete for one supplier, select another.  Once you have finished go to Supplier Orders to email the order to the relevant supplier.

During the run Client orders are switched to Placed once all items have been included in supplier orders.