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Item sales settings

Use sales setting to configure the way the stock item (selected in Stock Management) displays, and behaves, on the POS.

Each stock item can be set up to display the item's  buy price (to you) on Front Counter.  The default is to not display the buy price.

If you wish to be reminded of something when selling an item you can set the Extras Prompt on.  For example if the item needs batteries added a prompt can come up when the item is selected that reminds you of that.  Or you can have notice come up that the item is at the end of the line. Or that delivery is free if they buy over X number of items.

You can also set up individual item sales specials. If you wish to set up sales for a large number of items it is better to have stock configured into lines and groups.  Doing this makes it much easier to set up sales, and have them finish when required.

Individual item specials need to be turned on, and will then stop when the Finishes date is reached.  Sale specials can be set up as either a flat amount or a percentage decrease.

To activate the form select the correct stock item and click the Sales Settings button on Stock Management.

The following form displays:

  • To edit the settings click Edit.
  • To turn on the extras prompt check the Extra prompt box.  The following form appears.

    If there is already an extra prompt, and you want to edit it, uncheck, then recheck the Extras prompt box.
  • Enter the required text into the Text to display field.  This message displays if extras prompt is on for the item and you are adding it to the docket in front Counter.  In that case the POS will look like this.

  • Set the date the extras prompt will stop appearing.

    The above example also has volume discounts set for this item.  Be aware, if you activate item details the extras prompt is deactivated.
  • To set a special for the item check the On special box.

  • Then enter either a Discount (%) or Flat discount ($). You can have one or the other, not both.
  • Enter the date the special is to apply from.
  • Then the date the special finishes.  Specials/sales can also be set up using groups or store sales.
  • If you wish to prevent cashiers providing one-off discounts for any items enter "0.01" into the "Discount limit (0 is none)" field. You can also limit cashiers ability to apply one-off discounts by entering a similar value into their profile.
  • If you want the buy price of the item to be visible in Front Counter check the Buy price visible box.
  • All items can be set so you can select which price is to be used as the sale price - Buy price, trade price, retail price or manual (you enter the price).  The default is to have this off.  Check Turn on price calculation option to enable this.
  • You can set the POS to deal with the item in a specific manner.  For example if you use checkout scales, and the item is to be weighed, check the button "Weigh item". If you want the item included on an order (in addition to the receipt) check the relevant button.  Those four options are of particular use for takeaways and cafes.  The default is "Normal".

    Note - you need to turn specials off once the specials period has finished.  To help you do this a list of items currently on special can be displayed from the inventory form.  You can then select the item and turn specials off.