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Price breaks/volume discount

Two types of volume discount can be arranged: "Multi-item discounts" and volume discounts.  This section describes volume discounts.  Multi-item discount pricing is described here.

If an item has been set up for volume discounts it may not set it up for multi-item discounting as well.  Only one type of discount can be used at a time for any item.  That means, if you wish to set up volume discounts, and the item is currently part of a multi-item discount set you need to remove it.

All items can be set up for volume discounts.  To do so click Volume discounts on stock management when the correct item displays.

The following form activates:

You can set up a maximum of three discount levels.  To do so change the number in How many price breaks?

To allocate three price breaks the form appears as follows:

Set the number from which the discount applies by changing the values in Second break and Third break fields.  The break is defined as one above the number displayed.  So 1+ means 2 up to the next break, 4+ means 5 and greater.  The first break cuts off at 3.  The second at 6.

With the full range set the form appears as follows:

When an item has volume discounts set they are applied automatically.  Front Counter switches to manual mode and waits for you to apply the number of units.

Volume discounts can also be applied to invoices.

When volume discounts have already been set for an item, the following form activates when you click Volume discount.  You may change existing prices, or delete the price break.

Volume discounts are based on unit price, not a percentage discount.  That means, for example, if you wish to give a 10 percent discount for quantities between 2 and 5 units you need to calculate the unit price AFTER the 10 percent has been taken out.  So a $6.00 single item would become $5.40.  If 20 percent then the same item is $4.80.  Those discounted prices are the figures you need to enter into the relevant fields.