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Sales receipts - formatting

You may set up sales receipts to match your requirements.  Within certain limitations, as follows:

If you use both 60mm and 80mm receipt printers you need to set the format for each.

1.  The text is always centered.
2. Other than the company name, you can't change the size of the text.
3. Certain text has to be printed - date and time, receipt number, G.S.T. number, "**** tax invoice *****", and "You were served by....".

You can add:
1.  A fuller company header.  For example a description of the company, phone number (the default receipt already has this), address, email/website, etc.  If the top text block has nothing in it the user defined receipt will not print.
2. Notes/conditions of sale/refunds/returns policy, etc.

The more you add the longer the receipt becomes. But that's up to you.

To change the default settings you must be logged on with the highest level access.

On the Front Counter sales form click Settings.  The following form displays:

Depending on the width of the receipts you use click the relevant button.  The only difference between the forms activated from this form is the width of the receipt.

You can change the format of either as one cashier may use a 60mm roll, and another an 80mm.  

For each paper width two receipt formats can be set up.  If you set up the user defined one that is the one that will print.  To return to the standard receipt clear the address field and click Accept.

1.  To set up a logo on sales receipts follow the instructions below.
Changes to Company name and System standard change the relevant sections of both receipt types.
2. You can, safely, enter up to five lines in the address field.  Any more than that and the contents will over print the date and time field on the receipt.
3.  The User defined settings apply to both the Address and Notes fields.  If you enter notes, in nonbold format, and then switch to bold and/or italic the notes will print with alternate lines having one word only.  If you want to print these fields in bold then switch them to bold before you start typing anything.
4. To review the layout you need to have completed at least one Front Counter sale.  The review facility allows you to change your mind about things before printing an actual receipt.  If you made any changes click Accept before running a review.
5.  Styles can be a combination of bold, italics and underline.

Setting up a receipts logo

1. Using your existing logo (if you have one) - open Paint.
2. Open the file logo.bmp
3. Save it as logoss.bmp.  Note the 'ss'.  This stands for sales slip.  You cannot use the logo that you have already loaded for invoices because it is most likely too large for the receipts.
4. Resize the file. Select Image ? Stretch/Skew  You may be able to get away with decreasing it by 50% horizontally and vertically.
5. Save the file.
6. Open the settings menu in Front Counter.  Select any one of the format sizes.
7. Click the Logo button.  Load the file and then Confirm.
8. It should appear on the example forms. 
9. If it doesn't appear to fit you will need to go back to Paint and fiddle around a bit more with the size.  From now on, when working on the logo in Paint, make sure you open the file logoss.bmp in the C:\PSL\Database\images folder of the PC the base system was installed on..