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Items can be returned using Front Counter.  Returns may be dealt with as either Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Note.

To receive a return click the Refund/Credit button immediately BEFORE entering/swiping the item being returned. Do this for each item being returned.

When handling returns you may enter the actual sale value of the item. Rather than its current retail price. The POS switches to manual mode to allow this to happen.

If returned items are the only ones to make up the transaction and you click Other tenders

1.  The Credit/Refund popup prompts for whether it is a credit note.  If you accept credit notes you must not clear the receipt history.  This is because, when the customer returns to redeem their credit note, the credit note must be found.  If it cannot be found credit redemption cannot be completed.

2. When you Accept the amount a credit note is printed

3.  If the returns are cash the amount in the till is decreased by the value of the returned items.

4.  If you select Credit Note the sales receipt includes "Credit note - please retain".  Other wise it prints "Cash refund" or "EFTPOS refund".

All returns are placed back into the inventory.

When the customer returns to redeem a credit note carry out the sale as normal.  Clear the EFTPOS field and enter the purchase amount into the Credit redemption (not coupon) field of the payments processing form.  A button is activated to the right of the field.  Select the correct credit note from the list. Proceed as usual once you have done so.

Credits for invoices need to be dealt with somewhat differently.

1. Go to the Client Accounts page, click the Operations button and select the relevant customer.  

2. Highlight the relevant invoice and click Credits/Debits.

3. Enter the value of the credit and print the credit note.  This can now be dealt with as part of a normal sale.  The value of the invoice has been decreased by the value of the credit.