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Loyalty card programs

You may set up loyalty cards for customers.  To do so first set up the loyalty card rules.

Retail Business does not produce the loyalty cards because of the need for very specific, and individual, layouts.  What you need to do is to define the number range of the cards.  For example 1000000 to 10000000.  Then let your card printer know what that range is so they can make the required cards.  If you intend to use bar codes tell your printer to generate EAN8 or EAN13 codes on the cards.

Each customer can have more than one loyalty card.  And loyalty rules can be set up at different levels so that, for example, larger customers can earn points quicker.  The example below shows three loyalty card levels.

To set up loyalty rules start up Front Counter (Full Service) and then go to the Client Accounts tab.  Click Loyalty rules.  Or go to System settings. You must have system administrators's access rights to change these.

The following form is activated:

If no programs have yet been set up the form is blank.  Or, in this case, a set of default values display.

1. Enter a full description for the rule.

2. Enter a short description.  This is used to identify the card rule when setting one cards for customers.

3. Enter the dates the loyalty rule is to be active between.  When setting up a card for a customer, and the To date is in the past, you cannot allocate that loyalty program anymore.  And all cards with that program will no longer operate.

4.  Enter the maximum points permitted.  This sets the maximum number of points any customer can accumulate.

5.  Enter the sale trigger value.  This sets the minimum value of purchase (total sale value) that allows the customer to gain points.

6.  If you want points to be gained based a flat value of each sale then enter the Points $ value.  This should be in cents, rather than dollars.  For example if a customer has 1000 points then .01 cents comes to a total of $10.00 and .001 is $1.00.  If this is non-zero then points are allocated based on the total value of the sale.

7. If you want to allocate points based on a percentage of each sale then enter a value into the Percent of sale value.   

8. Enter the minimum number of points required to result in any redemption.  This number should be quite large as you want folks to come back for more. But not so large that they give up.

9.  Enter the first and last card numbers. You need to provide these numbers to your card printer.  This range is also used to check that a card, when presented, is actually within the program previously set up.

10. If you don't wish to allow points to carry over after enough have been gained for redemption check the box Clear points balance on redemption.  If this is left unchecked then any remaining points are carried over for all customers using loyalty cards for the selected loyalty program.

The value of Minimum redemption points is the trigger above which the points can be applied to customer purchases.  Only one of Point $ value and Percent of sale value can have non-zero figures.