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Customer loyalty cards

Clients may have one loyalty card set up.  To apply cards to any client first set up the required loyalty rules.

When in Front Counter activate the customer's loyalty card form by displaying the required customer in the Client Accounts tab and clicking the Loyalty Card button.

In the following example a loyalty card has been set up.  To deactivate a loyalty card click Edit (F3) and uncheck the Loyalty card active box.

In the example below the customer has been allocated a card from the set of rules already set up.  Select it from the list under Available Card Types. 

  • The card number is allocated automatically.  Based on the start number entered when setting up the loyalty rules for the card type.
  • The Card id defaults to the card number.  If you have preprinted cards enter the card id here.  This must not exceed 10 characters.  If you wish to use bar codes tell your printer to generate EAN8 codes.
  • Enter the dates the card is to be active between.  If it is not intended to expire set the To: date to a date well in the future.
  • Once the customer starts using the card their accumulated points, and the dollar value, displays on this form.
  • Every time the card is used those values are also displayed.
  • You can delete a loyalty card at any time.  If you do so the entire record, including points gained, is cleared.

    When completing a sale for a customer with an active loyalty card the following form activates:

    This shows when the card expires, the accumulated points and additional points earned from the current sale.  As the card id may be the same as the card number that is not displayed.

    The cashier must enter the card id. This can be scanned if a bar code is used.  In that case the bar code must be EAN8 format.

    If the total value of the accumulated points, plus the new points, exceeds the value of the item being purchased the points may be redeemed.  In that case the loyalty card summary looks like the following.

    Check the box "Redeem points".  It is only visible if the points value exceeds the value of the item being purchased.  If you check it the sale is completed with a sale type of LOYALTY.  The payment processing form doesn't activate.