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Stock management

Stock management functions allow you to:
  • Create bar codes for stock items that don't have them.
  • Load stock from other software or supplier price lists.
  • Update existing stock prices from supplier price lists and Excel files.
  • Manually maintain stock items.
  • Set up stock to be replenished when it gets to a certain level.
  • Set up stock item, and grouped, sales.
  • Set volume discounts.
  • Create GST "holidays"
  • Produce price labels and tickets - with and without bar codes.
  • Carry out stock take - by group or entire inventory.
  • Produce both supplier and customer orders.
  • Consolidate customer order items into the relevant supplier orders.
  • Discontinue stock when it reaches the end of line. Or is no longer stocked.
  • Set up stock packages - that is stock items that consist of other stock items
  • Set up stock lines to link stock items to the stock line buttons.
  • Set up stock items to be weighed using a checkout scale.
  • Set up multi-item discount prices.
  • Set up item options buttons.
  • Set up combo deals
  • Exclude specific stock items from loyalty deals.

    To load inventory from a supplier price list click the "Load" button on the stock menu.  Make sure you have the latest price list before going any further.  If you have already loaded the price list and your supplier has provided you with a new price list click the Update button.

    The inventory can be set up as either general items or books (additional fields are visible).  The default settings are general items.  To change them go to Stock Control and check the Include booklists box

    When entering bar codes the best idea is to use the supplier-provided bar code.  This makes it more likely the code is a valid one, and that it can be read off a label using a scanner.  If you must create your own bar codes then enter 12 characters only into the bar code field. When you do that a button labeled "EAN13 check digit" becomes visible under the Supplier code field.  Click the button and the check digit is added to the code you keyed in.  This check digit is required for a scanner to recognise the code is a genuine EAN13 bar code.

    Stock can be created "on the fly" when viewing the stock list. To do so click the button at the right of the stock code field and then the "New" button on the selection list form.

    Stock can be auto-replenished when the number in stock reaches a defined level.  To set up the auto-replenish option click Replenishing.

    When auto-replenish is on a stock order may be generated for all items, of a specific supplier, that have reached, or are below, the minimum level defined.  The order amount defaults to the maximum order level.  You may review the order once it has been generated.  Run the replenishing process from the Stock Inquiries page of Front Counter.

    The following form opens:

    Enter the mimimum stock level and maximum order level.  When the inventory level reaches the mimimum stock level a new order can be created.  You must link the items concerned to a supplier record.