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Price labels

You can produce price labels for two label printers - Brother QL series and the Zebra (Peacock Bros) LP series.

For the Brother the following labels are available:
  • 29mm by 30.5mm (DK-22210)
  • 62mm by 30.5mm (DK-22205)

    These fit all the QL series P-Touch printers

    For the Zebra the following labels are available:
  • 40mm by 28mm (L11384)
  • 61mm by 36mm (L10005)

    The codes in brackets are what to look for when purchasing.  The Zebra printer labels are only available online. Search for Peacock Bros.  

    To print price labels make sure you have the correct stock item displaying in the inventory maintenance form.

    There are three label printing options:

    1. On an A4 sheet, in multiples of three. Check the Generate price label box.  Carry out the required actions, then click Labels (A4). The label format is Avery code L7157. 
    2. Labels (single or multiple) with bar codes.
    3. Labels (single or multiple) without bar codes.

    Select the printer from the drop down list.  This list always displays the default printer on the first line.

    Click the Labels button with the bar code on it.  The following form activates:

    The four sizes provided allows you to produce both product and display labels.  Product labels can be either placed directly onto the item if your price differs from RRP.  Display labels can be put onto the shelf edges.

      Click Select or press F2 to update the default printer setting.  The example above has been switched to a Brother QL-500.
      Check the printer the labels are for.
      Check the button for the relevant sized label.
      To print a single label click Print (F7).
      To preview, and possibly print multiple labels, click Preview (F8).

    If you select Brother QL-series, and 62mm * 30.5mm size, clicking Preview results in the following form activating:

    Because of the orientation of the Brother printer's paper rolls the label is on it's side.