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Stock inquiries and orders

These two pages give cashiers access to key stock operations.

Access to Stock Management allows cashiers to print price labels.

To maintain stock requisitions click Requisitions.  This activates the requisitions form

To maintain stock click Inventory.  This activates the stock maintenance form. Stock maintenance allows you to set up sales displays, specials for stock items, discount limits, stock button links and options.

If carrying out a stock take click Stock take.

To create an export file of the entire inventory in Comma delimited (Excel - CSV) format click Export.  If you create such a file it can be imported again using the stock inventory Update process.  Be aware that Excel often puts new characters into files if you save them as something other than the original format.

To list, and search for, inventory items click List.

On the Stock orders tab cashiers can update supplier stock orders and check the status of existing orders.