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Quick sales POS

The quick sale (QS) POS interface is designed to speed up sales processing.  Full Service allows you to provide additional services to regular customers and carry out a range of back-office operations from the counter.  Quick Sales limits access to functions required to carry out sales

Manager level access, and above, is required to activate Full Service.  Quick Sales can be activated by everyone else.

The QS interface, on auto, is as follows:

The above is QS with the stock line buttons activated. If you have items that don't have bar codes then you are advised to use the stock line buttons.  Doing so speeds up sales processing as you don't have to key in any codes.

With the stock line buttons inactive QS appears as follows:

The buttons work in the same manner as Full Service.  To create a client credit order from Client accounts authorisation by someone with high level access may be required.

To change the quantity using the keypad first scan the item, then click Change and use the numeric keypad buttons to change the quantity.

To allocate a regular customer's discount click Client (F11).  If the customer has a loyalty card points are allocated to their card at the completion of the sale.

To process Lay bys click the Lay bys button.  The client must already be in the system

QS does not allow the cashier to override the standard retail price (sales or specials if set).  Manual mode allows the quantity to be changed from the default of one.  Volume discounts, if set, are also allocated automatically.