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Stock packages

If you have activated the options buttons in POS Settings then you cannot create any packages.  You can either use packages or options.

Stock packages are stock items that are made up of other stock items. The total price of ALL items in the package makes up the price of the package 

For example, if you sell a set of gear that is always bundled.  Or assemble an item from other stock items.

In that case you will want the stock level of both the stock package, and the items that make it up, to be drawn down on sale.  This is what a stock package allows you to do.

Setting up stock packages: 

Set up packages in inventory maintenance.  Before you start make sure all the items that make up the package are set up.

Existing stock items can be converted into packages by checking the box "Is a package". Enter the stock code, and description.  There is no need to enter buy, trade or retail price.  These are updated as items are added to or removed from the package.

Check the Is a package box.

The Stock Management maintenance form should look something like the following:

Click Save when finished.  Then click Package items. The following form activates:

Add as many components as required.  You can include more than one unit of any component. You may not include the package itself as a component.

When a package is on sale, or is a special, the same rules apply to it as apply to normal stock items.

To help you find existing packages so you can change their components when required click the Packages button in the Lists group. If the price of components change you need to delete the component from the relevant packages and add it again.

Selling Stock Packages through Front Counter

When selling the package through Front Counter select the package code only.  When you do so the following form activates.  

You may print the component list to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are getting.  The package description its price and the package items appear on the receipt.  If the components are correct click Confirm.  If you click Cancel the package is removed from the list.

When a stock package has been added to the docket list Front Counter will appear something like the following.

Notice that there is more than one of the package.  But the number of items for each component is for the number PER package.  This is to make it easier warehouse staff to fulfill an order should it be sent through to them.

Components of packages can be added to the docket as independent items.  In that case the quantity changes as more are added.

Stock Packages and Invoices

Stock packages can be included on invoices as usual.  If you wish to provide details of the components print the delivery docket.  That includes the components under the package's description.

Stock packages and quotes

Packages may be included in quotes.  If you clone the quote to an invoice the inventory is drawn down for the package's components.

Packages and options
  • You can enable options in packages.  
  • To do so create the items as non-stock and with no retail price.  
  • Add those to the package as usual.  You should think of the options as "prompts" rather than actual items.
  • Create the optional items with a retail price but not as part of the package.
  • When the package is selected the option should prompt the cashier to request how many of that option to include
  • The cashier then selects the items as usual.

    The following example shows an option prompt for the power supply of a security system.  The option is simply to prompt for the power supply option to be selected.  That is included as part of the package.

    The item has no retail price and is set as a non-stock item as there is no need to track how many have been sold.

    When the package has been added to the POS docket the option prompt displays as well.

    It is a good idea to add such options to the package after all stock items have been added.  That enables the cashier to see them easily.

    The cashier then adds the requested power supply option to the docket.  As above.

    Changing package prices

    If an item is part of a package, and you change its retail price, that change results in the total package price being changed.  If you don't want the package price to change at the same time as an item's price is changed: 1. Select the package of the item you changed. 2. Go to Package Maintenance.
  • Select the item with the new price.
  • Change that back to the old price - retail price field.
  • The total package price will now be the same as it was before you changed the item's price.

    If you wish to update the package to mirror the actual item prices - 1. Select each item in Stock Management. 2. Click Edit. 3. Click Save.

    The package price changes without the need to actually change the item's prices. So long as you click Edit and then Save.