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Running recurring invoices

Before running recurring invoices set them up.  Make sure you have created at least one invoice that is identical to what you want to set up as recurring.  For how to set up recurring invoices go here

Recurring invoices can be run from the Invoices menu.  If the Recurring invoices button is not visible you don't have the correct release of Business Accounts.  To obtain that release you must currently be registered for support.

Activate recurring invoice running from the Invoice menu. When you click the Recurring invoices button the following form activates:

Any invoices ready to be run are listed.  If an invoice is set to run a certain number of times, or to a certain date, it is set to inactive when that number, or date, is reached.  After that it will no longer appear on the list.

Prior to clicking Create select the relevant controls in the Print Controls panel.  These behave in exactly the same manner as the same controls on the invoices form.

Highlight the invoice to create and click Create.  That invoice is removed from the list. Unless you have a backlog of invoices to send out.

If you have checked the Preview invoice box the preview form activates.  You can print the invoice from that form.

Warning - if the recurring invoice settings specifiy the invoice is to be created as billed you cannot modify it in invoices maintenance.

If the invoice includes stock items the inventory will be decreased by the number of units included.

Only invoices that are active display.  If you wish to discontinue an invoice go to the recurring invoices form in System Settings and edit and click the Schedule button.  Uncheck the Active box.