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Pole displays and com ports

Most pole displays are serial.  Which means you may have connected it to the serial port at the back of your PC.  This may cause problems as Windows does not always allocate the logical COM1 to the physical serial connection.  If your pole display fails to display "Front counter/POS Welcome" when Front Counter starts up you may have this problem.  The problem is that Windows support for the serial port is being run down.

To resolve it buy a USB to serial converter and install it. Or buy a USB pole display.  It should come with a utility that acts as a bridge between the serial port and the USB port.  Then follow the instructions below:

1. Select Control Panel (left click Start) -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager.  Disable the "Communications Port (COM1)" and restart your PC.  To disable the port right click it and select Disable.  Ignore the warning.

2. Select as above and allocate COM1 to the USB to Serial Comm Port (COM3) by right clicking the port and selecting Properties -> Port Settings -> Advanced.  This whether you are using a PC that has a physical COM port or not.  The pole display must be connected to the COM1 port.  If you have installed a checkout scale that can be attached to any other port as part of the set up.

3. Leave all the settings as you find them. Except for COM Port Number.  Change that to COM1.  You may get a warning. Ignore it.

As follows:

There is no need to restart your PC after you have made this change.  Now run the interactive health check using the OPOS driver.  As follows:

To do so click Start Menu -> OPOS -> Select devices then Line Display.  Select Tools -> CheckHealth Interactive...

Click start.  If successful the phrase "Interactive HCheck!! DeviceName=DM-D110" or something similar should appear on the pole display.

Start up the OPOS ADK tools. Select the line display. Right click and select Add New LDN.  In the field at the bottom enter the word "LineDisplay".  Click Continue, then cancel. This is the name the software uses to identify the device.