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Using Retail Business

Professionals Retail Business consists of two components - Back Office and Front Counter.

Back Office enables you to carry back office operations such as stock management, customer management, banking and supplier management.

Front Counter enables you to manage customer purchases and payments and sales-related operations (POS) from the front counter

There are two main form types in Professionals Retail Business - Data entry and report forms.

1. Data Entry:
  • You must use the buttons on each form to modify the contents of the fields.  You cannot simply go into the field you wish to change. Click Edit to edit an existing record, New to add a new record.  The fields are then activated.  Generally the cursor will be placed in the first field to enter.
  • If adding or editing a record, and you want to exit, click Save or Cancel before exiting.
  • Key (code) fields have a button beside them that displays a magnifying glass.  View key records by clicking the button.  If the form is in edit or add mode you may select a record by clicking on the "Select" button in the list form. 
  • Certain fields (called primary keys) cannot be edited as they are used to link to other records.  For example the ledger account codes.
  • Deleting records (such as ledger accounts) is possible if there are no records dependent on that key.  For example account transactions.  This means, once a stock item has been recorded as sold from Front Counter you can not remove it.  You can make it inactive (discontinued).
  • If you are adding a record, and a key field is required, the save button is not enabled until the key field has been entered.
  • When entering certain fields the database is searched, as you enter data, for that code.  This means "........cannot be found!" displays until you have entered the correct code. Then the description of the code displays beside the field.

    2. Reports:
  • Report forms allows the selection of a preview or print option.
  • In preview you can print the report while looking at the preview.
  • All reports work on certain key fields and a date range. Make sure you select the correct key codes.
  • When you select key codes their descriptions display.  Make sure that is the correct description.
  • Because most reports work on a date range (usually the date of the transaction) you may find nothing on the report.  This is one of the reasons for using preview before printing the report.

    3. Help:
  • Help is available at any time.  The help file is c:\PSL\CBRetBus.chm.  If you click on the file Windows will run the help facility.  You may place the file on your desktop.
  • All forms have context sensitive help.  To view the help information about any form, press the F1 key when the form is activated.
  • Some fields have hints attached.  To view any hints move the mouse cursor over the field.