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Setting up stock line buttons

To connect stock line items to the POS buttons carry out the following sequence:

1. Create stock lines that match the button captions you wish to use. 

2. Create stock items (you can set them up as options or packages if you wish to track inventory levels in detail) and link each relevant item to the required stock line.  Enter the stock line code into the item's Stock line field.

3. Link all the items of the selected stock line/menu definition to the stock selection buttons.

The following describes linking stock lines to the relevant POS menu keypad button.

On the Systems Settings form select Stock line buttons.  The following form activates:

Note that the Ice cream button is highlighted.  As is the Ice cream line in the Linked lines and menu buttons list. If a button is linked to a stock line you may remove the link.  You can create a new one stock line button if the selected stock line is not already connected to an existing button.  In that case selecting the stock line in the stock line list activates the Create link button.

New buttons are created by being added to the existing buttons.  If you want the stock lines to appear in a set order then select each line in that order.

The example above displays one, possible, set of button captions for the stock line buttons panel.  The stock line descriptions are used as captions on the relevant buttons.  To make sure everything fits there should be no more than 40 characters in each stock line description.

You can create up to 36 stock line buttons.  All stock lines selected show buttons on this form.  However, if a stock line has no items buttons attached it does not show on the POS forms.

To see what the Stock lines panel's buttons will look like on the POS form drag the right hand side of the form until the buttons are lined up as they would be when the POS form is open.  Once you have done so the form stays the same size each time you open it.  You can do the same to the items buttons.

Be aware that the three POS forms have different panel sizes so you will need to change the form size if you use more than one of them.

If you wish to include pictures on the item buttons check the box "Selected item buttons have pictures".  Setting up pictures for the buttons is descibed here

From this form you can create new stock lines and link stock items to buttons.  These buttons are activated when you press the relevant stock line button on the POS.  

Once you linked the stock line to the selected button click Item buttons.  The following form activates:

The above example doesn't use pictures.  Without pictures you can create up to 88 buttons for the relevant stock line.

If you wish to change the order check the relevant button in the "Items list display order" group.  Click the "Clear all buttons" button and reattach the items based on the new order.

This is what the form looks like with pictures set up:

There is a "Get picture" button on the form when "Selected item buttons have pictures" is checked. To change the picture on a button select the required button.  Then click the "Get picture" button and select the relevant picture.

If the buttons have pictures you can create up to 66 buttons.

If there are no items linked to the stock line the list on the right will be empty.  If there are items in it you can create a new button. To create stock items click the Stock Items button. 

If an item has a button you cannot create another for the same item. If you wish to remove the button select the button and click Clear.  To link an unlinked item select the item and click Accept. The Accept button is not active if any selected item has already been applied to a button.

Buttons are created in the order in which you select the stock items on the list.  The list is in code/PLU order.

If you need to change the order in which buttons display click the "Clear all buttons" button and select the items in the order you want them to appear.

To use check out scales you must attach the stock items to the stock line buttons.  The check out scales aren't activated if you enter stock codes manually or use bar codes.