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Customer Bookings

Customer bookings allows you to book customers in for certain things - hair cuts, service maintenance, deliveries, etc (called Reasons) for a selected date.

Bookings works best if you have a second monitor and keep Bookings running on that.  That means you can track appointments and process sales at the same time.

To set up bookings check the "Enable customer bookings" box on the Company Control form.  If this box isn't visible you don't have the required files to use the  Bookings module.  Please contact Professional Systems.

To interface bookings to Front Counter you need to set up the Reasons for bookings. If you don't wish to track bookings by reasons (reports are available) or link to Front Counter, then Reasons are optional.  They can be set up from the bookings form. Using Reasons allows you to save time when creating new bookings as the reason description is automatically placed into the Notes field. 

The bookings form can be accessed from the Front Counter/POS selection form.  The Bookings button becomes visible once you have checked the "Enable customer bookings" box in the Company Control form.

If you have the standalone Bookings module, Bookings opens as its own application and stays running independently of Front Counter.  You can switch between Bookings and Front Counter by clicking the relevant icon on the task bar.
To attach staff to specific customer bookings you must also set up staff details. 

It is possible to attach service details or stock items to reasons. If you attach stock items they are placed onto the POS docket list when the booking is assigned to a docket.  You can still add more items to the docket. Or remove ones that don't apply.  Doing this helps improve accuracy when a booking is for a reason that involves multiple (standard) items on the bill.

If you have the workshop module installed you can only attach service details descriptions to booking reasons.  Not stock items.  In that case create the billing details using customer invoices.  That way the full details of any job can be captured.

To set up complete bookings (including automated sales and staff allocation) follow this sequence:

1. Set up staff details.  First create the staff profile.
2. Set up booking reasons.
3. Make sure you have entered all required items into the inventory - if Workshop Management is not installed.
4. Link the relevant inventory items to the reason in the services form.

All booking-related actions can be carried out from the bookings maintenance form.  To create new booking reasons click the Reasons button.  Click the  Reason details button to maintain details for a reason.  Click Staff to maintain, and add, staff profiles.

The form displays bookings for the date selected on the calendar.  The display is in bookings time order - earliest first. To view only those bookings for a selected reason enter a reason code into the List by reason field.  Clear the field to display all bookings for the selected day.

  • To create a new booking click New booking. The edit fields are cleared and displayed:

  • Select/enter a reason code. If the reason has item details, the booking can be attached to a sales docket and the details of the reason added at the same time.

  • The Date defaults to the current selected date on the calendar. When creating the booking the calendar date cannot be changed.  You need to change the date of the booking to do that.
  • Enter the arrival time.  Enter the time in the 24 hour clock format.  That is, for example, 08:30:00 for 8:30 am, 13:00:00 for 1:00 pm.  The am/pm time is displayed under that field once you have saved the entry.
  • Enter a customer code or select from the list.  IF the customer is new click the New button.  You only have to enter their code, and name.  If you think you may need to contact them also enter their phone and/or email address.
  • If there are any special notes about the booking enter them into the Notes field. If you have selected a reason the description appears here.
  • Optionally enter/select the staff member's access code into the Staff id. field.  This isn't required if you intend to allocate customers to staff as they arrive.  Entering the staff id does allow you to check, at a glance, whether any one staff member is over committed.
  • If you wish to arrange to be reminded of the booking check "Arrange reminder" and enter the date, and time, the reminder is to be triggered.  It must be a date BEFORE the actual booking.

    On the bookings form example above the green highlighted records are for bookings with reminders due on the date.  If you wish to be actively prompted to send a reminder to the customer click "Activate reminders".

    If  you have entered the customer's email address into the customer record, you can send them a reminder email of the booking.  Click the Reminder button.  The message defaults to using the contents of the Notes field plus the date and time the booking is due.

    You can print out, or review, bookings for any day.  If you want to look at bookings by reason make sure the reason is displayed in the List by reason field.  To look at a staff member's bookings first make sure the staff id is displayed in the List by staff id field.  The bookings list also changes to display the relevant entries.

    Once you have the correct code(s) displayed click the relevant reports button.  To return to the full booking list clear the contents of any of the fields.