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Staff rosters

Activate staff roster maintenance from the Front Counter form. Currently the staff roster isn't used by the customer bookings to check for staff availability. Because Retail Business is designed for small businesses it is, currently, considered to onerous to require that rosters be set up.  They are optional and can be used to provide your staff (and you) with a timetable you can use.

The following form activates:

The form opens with today's date showing.

To create a new roster change the date until New Roster becomes visible. Click it. When a date with no roster set is selected the  form will look like the following:

You can create rosters as far in the future as you like.  If you wish to provide specific instructions you can include notes.  Those print with the roster. When editing a roster the only field active is Notes.

To add staff to the roster click Add. The form will look like the following:

When adding details you must enter the staff member's id and then their start and finish times.  The times must be in the 24 hour clock format.  For example 8:30 am should be entered as 0830.

Once a number of staff have been added to the roster you may print the roster.

You can edit staff details from the rosters form - click Staff.

To clear old rosters click Clear old rosters.  Select the date to clear to.

If you wish to check that a staff member hasn't been over committed, or for that matter, under committed, click the Review button.

A form activates that allows you to check for days and times the staff member selected in the roster list has been rostered on.

The form appears as follows:

If you change the dates click the Refresh button to redraw the list.

To print a roster click the Print button.  Select the dates to include.  The roster is printed by staff member.  That means all the times they are on within the selected period are grouped together.  You can print rosters for each staff member - for their own use.  And you can print one for all staff.  That can be displayed where it can be checked by staff - or you.

The above example will print a roster for Shane Warne for the times he is on between 6th Feb and 13th Feb.