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Setting up checkout scales

Setting up checkout scales is a two-step process.

1. In Company Control select Edit and check the box "Use checkout scale".  Click Save.  This tells Professionals Retail Business that you intend to use scales.  Without this setting you cannot make any changes that relate to checkout scales.

2. In POS Settings the box "Activate checkout scales" will be checked and the button "Change scales settings" visible and active.   

Click "Change scales settings". The following form activates:

The CAS PD-II scale setting is shown here.  The only requirement is that it is connected to an active COM port.  To find out which ports you have available select (XP) - Control Panel -> System - Hardware tab - Device Manager.  In Vista and later versions of Windows select Control Panel -> Hardware and sound -> Device manager (top right).

In either case you should get a form that looks something like the following:

To display all the coms ports double-click the Ports (COM & LPT).  If you are using a new PC you need to install a USB to serial convertor cable.  In the above case COM4 has been asigned to the relevant device driver.  That is the one shown selected in the scales settings form.

Currently Professionals Retail supports the CAS PD-II and AP1 (price computing), Ohaus Aviator 7000 and Wedderburn DS-866, 770, 771,781 and 788 checkout scales.  If you are using a scale you wish to have supported please contact us.  We will check to see if it can be included.  You will need to ship it to us if we decide to go ahead.

The CAS PD-II scale

To enable Professionals Retail Business to use the CAS PD-II checkout scale you need to set the ECR type to Type 5.  Follow the scale's manual to set up the required ECR type.  Go into setup mode as the manual requires and keep pressing the "*" until you get to Type 5.  Then press the ->0<-.

The CAS AP-1 (price computing) scale

No changes need to be made to the AP-1.  Make sure you have the correct serial cable and connect it to the PC using a USB to serial adapter.

The Ohaus Aviator 7000

Only one setting on this scale needs to vary from the default.  The scale protocol must be NCI.  See the scale's manual to set that.

In a networked environment it is possible that the com setting you applied in POS settings doesn't apply to the POS computers.  In that case the software will attempt to connect using those settings.  If it fails it will activate the scales settings form (as above) and wait for you to select the scale and coms port.  Once that has been done those settings will be used for the POS computer you set them on.

The Wedderburn DS-866, 770, 771, 781, 788 scales

The protocol setting must be NCI-ECR Protocol (Type V).  See the scale's manual for how to set that.  Or arrange to have it set by the Wedderburn technician before the scale is sent as configuring the scale is not exactly that simple.