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Stock lines

You can use stock lines, and groups, to enable you to manage your stock.  

For example if items belong to stock lines you can split your stock take by lines.  Rather than having to carry out an entire-store stock take.  This makes it more manageable if you have a large inventory.

When an item is linked to a stock line you can also arrange group sales.  To do this make sure there is at least one group for each stock line.  If there is only one group for any stock line then you can simply arrange a sale for all items in that line by setting up the sale for the single group.

Stock lines are required to set up the stock line buttons.  This enables you to sell through items that don't have bar codes.  A total of 540 items can be allocated to 18 stock lines buttons.  With 30 per stock line.

You also need to include BOTH stock lines and groups if you wish to report on sales by stock lines and groups.  You can also report on stock lines only if you aren't using groups.