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DPS Payment Express sales processing

The tendering form behaves in the same manner for the Ingenico two-way terminals.

The pinpad is controlled from the POS.  All messages appear on the sales processing form and all actions are initiated from the sales form.  There is one, possible, exception.  To take the pinpad to manual mode it may be necessary to press the "Back" button on the pinpad rather than the "To manual" button on the POS.  For some reason certain pinpads do not respond in a timely fashion to the POS command to go to manual mode.  Manual mode is where the customer has to enter their complete card details into the pinpad.  You can also use it to complete sales over the phone.

1. Normal mode sales - no signature.
  • The amount to pay is in the Tendering field.  If the customer wants to split their payment between cash and EFTPOS, or EFTPOS and a specific credit/debit card, select the relevant button on the POS.
  • Click the "To pinpad" button.  The processing forms appear as follows - the pinpad is awaiting the customer's selection of the account after they have swiped their card.

  • The response from the pinpad appears in the fields at the top right.  These are the same as the customer sees on the pinpad
  • Until the customer has swiped the card, and the card has been authorised, it is possible to cancel the transaction.  If the pinpad is waiting for the card to be swiped it is possible that it won't respond to a cancel command from the POS.  Press the Cancel button (the red one) on the pinpad if that is the case.
  • When the customer has swiped their card, and the card has been accepted the tendering form is shut down:
  • Once the sale has been authorised the EFTPOS receipt prints and you are given the option to print the normal receipt as well.
  • You are returned to Front Counter.
  • DPS Payment Express always provides the option for the customer to enter the card details manually.  As a result the "Manual entry" button is displayed and active.  It is possible this button will not activate manual entry until the customer has swiped their card.  If that is the case press the Back button (the yellow one) on the pinpad.  That also activates manual entry.

    2. Signature required.

    To activate "Signature required" the customer must press the Enter key on the pinpad when prompted for "Pin or enter".  Or the card is one that defaults to requiring a signature.  Or the purchase is of a value that requires a signature.  In the later two cases "Signature required" activates automatically as soon as the card is swiped.

    With "Signature required" activated the sales processing forms appear as follows:

    Note the two buttons under the message fields.  First the POS prints a merchant copy of the receipt.  This needs to be signed by the customer.  Compare the signature with the signature on their card.  If they match click the "Yes" button.  Other wise click the "No" button.  If the "No" button is clicked the transaction is cancelled.

    In all cases, if a transaction is cancelled, you can prompt the customer to use another card or payment option.

    Immediately the card has been accepted the POS pops up a prompt to advise the payment has been accepted and requests whther you wish to print a receipt..