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Multi-tender EFTPOS sales

To process multi-tender sales using more than one customer card first ask the customer how much they wish to put on the first card.  Enter that amount into the EFTPOS field.  The balance owing displays at the top of the processing form and that amount is also placed into the EFTPOS field when the first card's processing is complete.

When using integrated EFTPOS click the To Pinpad button to activate the pinpad.  If using the non-integrated POS click the Accept button once the customer's card has been accepted..

The tendering form will be shutdown, and you are returned to the POS, once the balance to pay is zero.  If using integrated EFTPOS, and the customer wishes to not complete the sale after having swiped at least one card clicking Cancel results in the amount, so far entered, being refunded.  This also means that someone needs to know the merchant password required to complete a refund.