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Arranging sales and specials

Sales can be arranged in three ways:

1. Store sales
2. Group sales
3. Item sales/specials

If you want to arrange volume discounts go here.

1.  Arranging store sales.

Stores sales cover all items unless the item is already set up as part of a multi-item price discount or has volume discounts.

To set up store sales go to Retail Business System settings -> POS settings.  Click the button "Activate store sales".  The following form is activated:

  • Enter the dates the sale is to be active between.
  • Enter the percentage discount the sale is for.
  • Enter a description of the sale - this will display at the top of the POS form while the sale is active.
  • When ready to start the sale check the "Check to activate sale......" box.

    2. Arranging group sales

    To activate group sales you must follow this sequence:
  • Create at least one stock line.
  • Create at least one stock group under each stock line.
  • Link both Stock line and group to the required stock items. 
  • Set up the sales in the relevant groups.  Stock groups can also activate GST "holidays".

    3. Arranging item specials.

    Item specials are activated from the Stock Management form.  In the following sequence.
  • Make sure the required stock item is displaying on the Stock Management form.
  • Click the button "Sales settings".