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Mobile POS

Mobile POS operates in exactly the same manner as the Quick Sales POS.  To use this POS on a tablet you must have a wireless connection,  and a wireless receipt printer.  You can also use it on a laptop. In which case wireless is optional.

The tablet must be set to 1366 by 768 display resolution.  This is the default for many Windows tablets and laptops.  Mobile POS can also be used on a PC with a screen that can be set to 1366 by 768 resolution.  In that case the screen doesn't have to be a touch screen.  But the interface is designed to be easier to operate using a touchscreen.


To use a wireless tablet you need to set up a wireless network.  The wireless router MUST be a very fast one.  Generally, if it works for games then it will be able to operate with the network connections required to operate the Mobile POS.  Make sure there are no sources of interference - microwave ovens or electrical tools.

You need to set up a wireless receipt printer and, if using integrated EFTPOS, the EFTPOS terminal must also be wireless.

Mobile POS must be purchased as a separate module.