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Pay outs

To take cash out of the till for incidental expenses (postage, milk, courier, etc) click the Pay out button. The POS goes to manual mode and one field is active - Cash pay out.  The Code/PLU field displays "EXPENSE" and cannot be edited. Enter the amount and then click Other payments.  You will be prompted to print a receipt.  It is a good idea to do so as it includes the purpose of the payout.  Then keep it for your financial records and G.S.T. imputation.

Pay outs are included as part of the end of day.

When making a pay out you may not include it with any other docket items.  A pay out must be the only item on the docket.  If you attempt to do so you will be warned and the POS will not change its state to allow entry.

In pay out mode the POS appears as follows.


When making a pay out, once you click Accept the following form is activated.  You must enter a reason for the pay out or the form cannot be closed.

That reason is then included as the description of the item on the docket.  Click Other payments to complete the transaction.  You will be prompted to print a docket.

You can review pay out receipts - they display as having a Payout sale type.  To produce a report of pay outs go to the POS reports form->Cash sales and check the box Pay outs only.