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Ingenico EFTPOS terminals

Professionals Retail systems support the Ingenico series of EFTPOS terminals using either Nitro or the Two-way interface.

The terminals supported are: i5100, iCT220, iCT250 and iWL252.  Because of differences in terminal response times there are two options on the POS settings form.  One for the i5100 and another for the other three.  As below:

  • First check the box "Turn on integrated EFTPOS".  
  • Select the terminal.  
  • Select the communications port.  The terminal must already be connected for the port to be recognised.

    If you don't have one of these terminals, and you are leasing, you should be able to obtain one by swapping terminals.  If you own your terminal, and it doesn't match, then you need to replace it.  The terminals listed are the only ones that support POS integration.

    Once you have set the configuration the POS selection form logs onto Paymark when you start it up.  As follows:

    If the connection fails you will still be able to carry out sales.  But all EFTPOS transactions will need to be completed as offline.  You can attempt to logon again by clicking the EFTPOS logon button.  You may complete end of day settlement enquiries and cutovers by clicking the relevant button.