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POS button pictures

To include pictures on the POS buttons you need to:

1. In POS settings - check the box "Include images on the POS buttons".
2. Go to "Stock line buttons".  There will be a box "Selected item buttons have pictures".  Check this if the stock line currently selected is to have pictures on the buttons.  As follows:

3. Click "Item buttons".  The form will look something like the following:

There is a maximum of 66 buttons on the panel.  That means that you may need to organise the way you allocate items.  Without pictures there are 88 buttons.  The total, maximum, number of buttons possible if all buttons have pictures is 2376.  Or 3168 buttons without pictures.  That should be more than adequate for most stores with items that don't have bar codes.

4. To include a picture on a button first select the button.  Then click "Get picture".  The software comes with a range of pictures you can use if they are appropriate.  They can be found in the folder C:\PSL\images.

5. Pictures can be jpg or png.  They must be close to 130 pixels high and 120 pixels wide.  But no larger than 141 by 120 pixels.  To modify the size of a picture, and to change it's type if you need to, open Windows Paint.  Start menu -> Acessories -> Paint.

If the picture is not either a jpeg or png picture "File->Save as" and select one of those from the list.

Select the picture to change the size of.  The following example is too large:

Select "Resize" and then click "Pixels".  Change the horizontal and vertical pixels to something like the following:

Save the picture to the folder C:\PSL\images.  The reason is explained below.

6. On the Items buttons form click "Get picture" and the new picture is placed on the selected button.  If the picture doesn't fit go back to Paint and resize it.  Warning - if you go to small there is no point trying to make it larger.  It gets "pixellated" if you do that.  You need to start with the larger picture again.

With the new picture the form looks like this:

Note that Fuji apples now includes a picture.  If you need to change the size of the picture, go to Paint, change the size, save it, then in the buttons form click "Refresh".  The picture is updated.

Pictures cannot be included on buttons that don't have any items attached. So first attach items as if the buttons are to be normal ones.

With picture buttons enabled, and a fresh vegetable selected, the POS looks like this:

If you are running more than one cashier lane you need to make sure each lane has the pictures in use.  Under C:\PSL create a folder "images".  If it isn't already there.  Copy the entire contents of the C::\PSL\images folder on the computer you are running back office on to that folder. That makes sure the cashier lane has access to the same pictures. Doing things this way means the cashier lane runs faster.  If any buttons only have the text on them then the required picture is either not available or you haven't copied it across.

We can include pictures on the database but, at this time, prefer not to because many retail PCs are not fast enough to cope with such a load and would slow down significantly.