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Customer actions

Items may be sold, and work carried out, subject to a warranty provision that includes ongoing support if things go wrong.  Or you may wish to register the customer's details to enable you to provide a better service in the future.  For example advise them of activities/offers they may be interested in.  Or a special offer.  

To activate these functions select Actions center in Back Office. Or Actions Center from the Customer Accounts tab of Front Counter  To maintain them click Actions.  The  Actions Center initially, displays all registrations set up and due for reminding within a set date range - from the previous day to seven days in the future. You may email the customer of the selected action.  You can also update customer records from the list.

If the customer has no customer record you must create it to apply an Action.  Click the Customers button.

This form can be used to list any warranties/registrations or actions a customer may have or that you wish to follow up on.  For example if you wish to contact the customer in the future but, at this point, don't know what the reason will be.  You just think it'll be a good idea to maintain contact.

Creating an action :  Once the customer record exists create an invoice. Bill and print it.  Include the serial number, or some other identifying description, in the invoice description.  This helps to find things later - so long as the customer keeps a copy of the invoice.  Of course, and invoice is not required if all you are doing is recording actions you wish to carry out that relate to the customer.

Now create the action record.  Enter the serial number/item identifier (if there is one) as well as the item code. Item code is optional.  However you must include a description of the action. 

Enter the date the action runs from. Plus the time (HH : MM) - the default is "1200" - noon.  Then the date, and time, the action is expected to no longer need any further follow up or will expire.  That date can be extended as many times as you wish.

Once the action exists users may search for the item by customer, description of the action or serial number (if used).  Or you can change the date range to match the date you think the action is due.

Existing actions can be viewed by clicking Actions List on the Actions center form.